...AND OCEANS LYRICS - "Cypher" (2002) album

The nights fall and skies fall
Down here we the sinners crawl
In dead cities and empty streets
All in ruins, but silence never sleeps

This world is fragile
Alone and silent
This world is fragile
And we are absent

Under melting skies - Into cold light

The things that never were!
To/from reality!
That never was!
That never will be!

All the little things!
Into serenity!
That could've been!
That will never be!

Smile - I said smile you slime

It's all falling apart!
Into catastrophe!
That was today!
That remains the same!


It's all falling apart


Another day another night
It's all the same, but is it forever
Another way another time
Silence and happiness now together
Another end another life
It's all the same; it's all over
Another smile for parasites
And the dogs that can smell her

Can't you see the light? Can't you see the light?
No, no, no, no
Can't you see the light? Can't you see the light?
No, no, no, no
Can't you see the light? Can't you see the light?
No, no, no, no
Can't you see the light? Can't you see the light?
No, no, no, no

Another face another smile
Nails carving deeper and deeper
Another eye another sight
Seeing nothing never and ever
Another form another light
Crawling higher, higher and higher
Another skin another white
And a sun that is brighter


Another voice another sigh
Calling stronger and stronger
Another scent another life
Now smell the filth odour
Another taste another try
On your tongue the fruit so bitter
Another world another side
In control to crush your soul


Another face another form
It is her face that forms worms

Listen: the fragile world is silent
Tongues speak a voice of decay
Of the melting skies and the heavy rains
About the odours of life so distant
We stand as silhouettes of today
Empty as the sky with our bodies vacant

Heavy is the silence of today
This world will fall - our world will fall
Into the silence of today
It will fall as the silent rain

Feel: the presence is a stolen moment
Lost are we in the lives of dismay
Between horizons and the limbo grey
Bloated we swim in the scent
Soon time eats the life away
But, I hope there's a little life in us left


It's a crime - it is a crime to be innocent
In life - in this life and presence
All life - all life is indifferent
Now's when - when all's past and gone

Turn away - fade away
Turn away - fade away

It's a crime - it is a crime to be silent
When colours - when colours have no nuance
You little - you little insects
Splashed out - splashed out of all essence

Fade away - fade away
Fade away - closer every day


Today is the day - the world is going away
Today is the day - we're all going away

When will we dream away; end this life in dismay
See the last sad rays, as flowers we wither away


When will time eat us away; our dead faces portray
Turn all of us cold and grey, the years will sweep us away


As flowers on the grave of earth inferno
We are all good people
Dressed not in white we are
Ascendants of heaven
In a symbolic imaginative essence
Descending angels we are
Falling as rain to impure the ground
And to flourish as flowers
Before we wither
With a scent of heavenly dew

As time that gnaws on the bones of life
We are the floating liquid flesh
The crawling sinners we are
Melting the heavens
As death silences all sweet voices
Renders of the clouds we are
Swarming as sinners to the universal presence of the fall
And to taste the fruits of lunacy
Before we fall
Into a devilish exercise

Time drips in passionate decay
Lost between eternities' scent
Sun burns brighter every day
Flaming fires like nails of torment

No place to crawl - no space to fall

A moment of clarity
Devoured by purity
Voices swallowed by hunger
As death shines brighter
All images drowned in eyes
Into light under melting skies


Earth inferno!
Into the void!
Plunge into darkness cold!
Into darkness, light visible!
A divine remedy!
Cleansed of all impurities!

Totally absolute!
Into the void!
The light of the night!
Black holes fill the souls!
World's beauty sleep!
New faces portrayed!

The beauty of lies!
End of life's odours!
Tripod oblivion!
Hung from the ceiling!
Universal crucifixion!

New order!
New world!

The light of the sun - is so cold down here
My dirty desert tongue - licking like dogs forever
Open wounds never heal - for a slave in its flesh
The scent of joy we feel - A naked soul crushed

It's all empty - it's all white
It's all empty - empty as the sky

Silence & happiness in one - but way too many insects
You, yours and all of them - you are all like rats
Crawl into the light cold - celebrate your new skin
Dead and clean to the wound - An escapee of all sins


I love this world
And these people, the beautiful ones
I love this world
And your goddamn sun

I love this world
And the family of fragile dreams
I love this world
When the world goes to sleep

You're so pretty - planet dead
You're so pretty - planet dead
You're so pretty - planet dead
You're so pretty - planet dead

I love this world
Empty with its black holes
I love this world
And the ones without a soul

I love this world
With a bullet for each one
I love this world
When tomorrow never comes


There lies a body: cold, bloated and empty
Like all the other: victims together
The happiness in silence: good without pretence
And the last day: with a smile on the face

There lies a body: pretty soak in ebony
Like all the worms: in their corridors
Liquid flesh endowed: to impure the ground
And the fallen souls: make the flowers grow

We float, drift and pass away
For ever and a day

The debris of time falls into oblivion
As heavens open its gates of lies
Gone is the light of the sun
And nigh is the final harvest of life

Touch me!
I am a disease!
Clean me!
Imprisoned in flesh I am!
I am sin!

Smell me!
I am a slave!
Release me!
The impure flesh I am!
I am pleasure!

Taste me!
I am life!
Kill me!
Punishment I am!
I am beauty!

Feel me!
I am cold!
Cleanse me!
Purify me from all life!
I am free!