...AND OCEANS LYRICS - "...And Oceans Vs. Bloodthorn WAR Vol. I" (1998) album

Open the white doors
To the field of thoughts
Where no light dances
Through the 6 panes (white pain)

Sanat muodostuvat ajatusten galleriassa
Tieto on valtaa opettajien holvissa

En skärm av myror som ingen noterar
Ljud fran lador… i luften roterar

Väggen av tunn rök sugs ut
Ensam i en silvervärld
Den sista duvan flögt till slut
Bland snöflingor i vind

Etsin nutta pelkoa, syvyytta
Mutta en ainoastaan yksinaisyytta
Enka kasvien kosteutta
Vaan lehtien knivaa rapeutta

Tuliset aallot kenossani
Nuolevat rutikuivaa ihoani

Inferno, the colourful symphony
The red stream of ecstasy
Face the mask's horror
The millennium of broken mirrors

Painajaismaisen sairaat aanet
Kehoni lapi kylmat vareet

Karsimyksien vaaleat kadet
Nusien polkujet

Into spheres and new dimensions
The concrete side of meditation
Teleported to a higher level
This is the 100 meter final

En gloria av demoner
Kring operans smartsamma passion
Kaos ar en klenod
Valkommen till (O) tidsperiod

[GGFH cover]

[Originally performed by Bloodthorn]

Drops of new gleaming
In the flesh new morning light
My body cold and trembling
I've left the safety of the night
I sit here on the ground
By my side there lies a knife
I was her fault, I'm not to blame
I have to take her life
My tear-wet eyes won't focus
And neither will my head
I just sit here in the silence
Nothing lives here - all is dead
These feelings born inside
A new side of me is born
For ever face I see
I feel such raging scorn
When you took my life away
It gave you a new vision
I planted a seed
It gave you a mission
From beside the lifeless flesh
I pick up my bloody knife
I wander into a new day
Prepared to take another life