Day by day I tell myself I am a failure
I mock Your words
I spit in Your face
You forgive me
How can You forgive me when I can’t forgive myself?
I was once a careless man
Using You for comfort not listening to Your word
I abused You
I tremble at Your word with holy expectation
Change me
Help me make a difference, in my generation
Help my generation help the generation
Your love is greater than all
No matter the sin, no matter the fall
Your possibilities are beyond us all

And so here I am on this journey
My mind contorted with corruption
Feeble and frustrated with my failures
Give me strength o, Lord
Why do I continue driving in the nails
When I know You feel the pain
Give me strength o, Lord

I see this man hanging on the cross
Naked and cold
As his blood pours out
I stare in wonder
Is this a reflection of my suffering?
Could such be done for a man so vile?
So much blood, so much flesh
Disfigured beyond our likeness
Who could endure this?
As suffocation settled in
He stared me in the eyes
And cried forgiveness
Over all, over me
Upon his last breath
I felt the flames of hell
Awestruck, I fell to the ground
In submission from who I was
And in that moment, defined through death
I knew that man

As days fall behind me
Submissive perceptions relay my failure
Mockery resides in Your courts
From the mouth that spat in Your face
Yet, forgiveness lit the flame
Mercy You’ve shown is mercy unknown
Hiding in the shadow of an opulent grave
Careless was this man
Illusive to the gathered
Abusive with Your favor
Oblivious to Your word
Trembling lies at
The foothill of glory
From the generation
Entrenched with change
Change me
Your love surpasses the collapse of every man

I’ve seen the deepest parts of me
Stripped away and contorted by sin
I’ve seen the joy and security fade
Felt the breath of lucifer down my neck
Dwelling in mortal decay
Choked on the lie
For far too long
Resistance is lost
In the lies of your deception
Liberated in the Blood
I’m liberated in the Blood


Zack Plunkett ‒ Vocals, Guitars
Matthew Plunkett ‒ Vocals