Fragments of who I was are now exposed before me
Offering decay
Offering defeat
To return to the grave/to return as a slave
Mangled in the likeness
Of self inflicted crisis
Feeding on the righteous
Spreading like a virus
Obstruction of progression
Festering on the soul
Consuming acquisition
Loss of all control
Fragments of who I was are now exposed before me
I will not decay
Never suffer defeat
Ripped, torn discrete
Buried six feet deep

Maybe you can hear the screaming
The screams of self punishment
The hollow cries from this repetitive condition
Maybe you can see the way
The way their actions became their fall
And took it’s toll upon the innocent
Maybe you can say
Say this life was more than cheap imitation
Rubble from a tower that once stood tall
Lie in wait for the hands of it’s builder
Restoration is the name I scream
Hindering the darkness at bay
I wait patiently for this revival call
To diminish the statues made in my name

"God my God, why have you forsaken me?
Far from my deliverance and the words of my groaning"
Empower me
Rip the impurities from my heart
I’m listening to the songs you sing over me
Mighty you are, shaker of the earth
Conduct us in your ways
Define us by your truth
Who shall call upon your name
Who shall see redemption this day
The path I chose was of faith and victory

Power uncontained
Presence absolute
Bringer of true justice
Whose name is rebirth
Rejecter of the grave
His mouth speaks truth
He shapes the mountains and directs the winds
From the dawning of time
He always was
Author of light
Bringing forth existence
Fortress of excellence
Dwelling among men
Creating with his might
Destroying with his will
Just and rightfully so
His love is boundless
His existence is eternal

Blood and sweat drip down
Battered and bruised tissue swelling
Skin hanging in strips
Scalp pierced with thorns
Weary and worn
Crushing weight upon him
Trail of blood leads to the site
Arms stretched out as nails enter his wrists
Binding him to wood
Ghastly form of execution
Last gasp unto deliverance
The gift for all to receive
We are all bought by blood
Who will accept the eternal?

Behold the Deathcrusher
The armageddon
The apocalypse
The crown is upon his head
Who can come against
Who can withstand
At his feet, all will confess
Human hands cannot corrupt
Human tongues cannot defile
In his midst, nothing is hidden
His existence covers the lands
His voice reaches the depths
The crown is upon his head
And the keys are in his hand
Who can come against
Who can withstand
At his feet all will bow
At his feet all will confess