ABANDON LYRICS - "When It Falls Apart" (2001) album

I see you
Wasting life away
I see you
Trying to please all those
Neighbours to god
Deny, while you drown
In your loved ones blood
One gun away from becoming god
Fear my eyes
As they stare right
Thru the fraud
See me fear me fear my eyes

May not get through this
May not survive
Collapsing slowly
This weeping mind
Soul full of holes
And the loss of self control
Containing stories
All those untold stories
About a soul full of holes
And the loss
Of self control

Made me angry
Punctured my reality
Obstacle blocking my way
Spitting words
While my hatred take aim
As you receive, becoming all I can be
Made me angry
Taste the force from beneath
Those empty words made you bleed
They brought the scent of you
Inside of me…
While your stench is inside of me

Dance now
To this flesh poundin' beat
Feast now
Before the coming of unearthly heat
Drink now
A toast for the end complete
Weep now
Degraded pieces of meat
Let's hope your children dies unaware…

Wise man stand before me
Fueled with arrogance
He will proceed…
Narrow minded satisfaction
Bring to ashes before you leave
Wise man learned no lesson
With brute force supporting greed
Narrow minded satisfaction

In need of something
I find it hard to breathe
Please give me something
Find it impossible to sleep
What do they want from me?
Don't want their reality
I'm scared you see
Scared of their fuckin
Anyway, not meant for me..
Don't want their world..
Deeper I sink into their reality
I will deny…