ABADDON LYRICS - "Dominator" (2017) single

It all started when you gave us our names
It started all with your need for control
What will you do when they rise from their graves
What will you do when you fall from your throne


By the power of god
Move to the center with Satan
We drown in error
Black and white
Ghouls will grab you wrapped in evil when you die

You should just as well have hate
We beat our hammers down where the black Wyrm flies
Gonna feel now you're not the dominator
Your walls break down and then your mind
Refuse the blood that forced you to hate
Forget the lies that you have done
Never the one to live by equals
Blind with power and hunger for blood
You set this all up betrayed your spawn
Try to prepare for when power will fade

You will learn to swat at the world
You will see when you're free from reality

As you can see the power is death
We're all the same when it's done
Hands on your throat
Relieved of this earth
Now realizes red

When no one feels the blood command
What is the misfortune it could breed
It all should have pulsing come deep from the blood
Lord of monsters pray to her

I walk to fly away
Leave you burning now
Fly away with the promise
That your power will fade