ABACINATE LYRICS - "One Less Mouth To Feed (Demo)" (2005) demo

Crawling from the teenage years (Beat Down)
We were just a bunch of queers (On Dope)

I have a dream of Violent Screams
A vivid, blooded scene – Disgorge!
Paint it red, scent of death
I'll always have these fucked up morbid visions in my head
Bought a gun, made me cum when I dropped the first ones – Faggots!
Killing can be fun, if you've got the right gun

She was looking so hot when she was twelve years old.
But age fourteen she was lost, when she got pregnant
He was the hottest boy in class, they fed his ego
But when he raped that little bitch, he died in jail, Son
Joe was the class President and he became a Cop
One day he let his guard down; man took his gun and shot him DOWN!

Turn on the T.V. or open a magazine
I'm slapped in the face with all the shit I won't believe
Gonna buy a shotgun and just go on a rampage
And leave behind miles of dead bodies rotting
Politics and the filthy rich add to my frustration
Got me thinking thoughts of the sickest relation

Your love came from my blood
My love comes in your blood
Send you to your bleeding one above
Now you'll get what you de(fucking)serve

Such values I learned
Somewhere in days past got burnt
Rip the memory down
Bury it deep in frozen ground

I took my age of lividity
Blackened eyes of naivety
Where did everything get lost?
The consequence my lifestyle "fuck it" cost

The hardcore and the piss poor
Euphoria is my knees, fucking whore
That shit caresses my soul – Turns flesh to steel (reserve)
Scars and emotions I will never have to forget, less feel

Bleeding my honor – I let down my father
Why repent – Why bother
Bleeding Honor

I could see the doubt in your fucking face – I don't need your help, I
Don't need family – you could give it all to me and I'll just fuck it away
– I never learn, only fuck and bleed

Blood that came with a message to heed – Straighten the fuck right out!
I saw your life end in my dreams – Straighten the fuck right out!
I Could not move, I could not breathe – Straighten the fuck right out!
All the sick shit that I've seen – To straighten the fuck right… out!

Bleeding my honor – I let down my father
Why repent – Why bother
Bleeding Honor

And still, the voices beg me……

Burn your bridges… Burn your bridges…
Rape yourself. Unstitch the stitches

Spoke with hollow tone
Crooked spine and backward bones
Breath is grey
Mind decay
With second degree burns
I hate words
Until the head turns
I hate words

I'd fed the dog and
I've beaten the cat and
I'd have done you too
If I knew where it was at

No thinking
Just drinking…

It's For Wordless
For Wordless
For Wordless

Kill me…
Fucking kill me…

(One more in the eyes…)

A dick in the mouth of all reason