ABACINATE LYRICS - "A Kings Thirst For The Frosty Brew" (2009) EP

An oath of your vengeance, a ritual movement
Teaching a life of required restitution
"Blood for Blood" - Exacting Repentance
To high degrees of forceful salvation accosting the wrath
Unpardonable sins are destroyed in the flesh
Covenant breaking, the coming of Justice for Kirtland
Enforced by The Righteous Hands
Come now, get your "Blood Atonement"

A Prophet is born, A Messenger of God
A City of Faith and Beauty, Homicide
Fate to Deal Death for God is what you'll find
The Visions of a Prophet, A Massacre Revealed
A Question of Free Will, of Cleansing the Impure
A Vision, Decision, Will trigger the Apocalypse
Jesus will come and Destroy Everything

Mormons and Christians will enjoy The Purity
So I guess that You're Right! - Right?
And We're all just…. FUCKED… FUCK
Lundgren! Think about these things for the rest of your life!
The Rest of Your Life…
In your eyes this revelation to cleanse this world to change direction
This living prophet is a living disease, this is the word of the anarchy

These fucking false Prophets are your sole enemy
So rise and Kill Them for their sins
The Avery Family had to pay - They Disavowed a Cult Belief
You will Lay in a Pit of Your Own Judgment
Jeffery Lundgren - Cleans up The Kirtland Streets
By The "Sword of Laban"

A worthless obsession that could bring me to your knees
A burden on your path, The Lesson
The first is a Blast, The rest is a Breeze
It then gets complicated, Plays into Fears
Thinking takes up too much time.
The hopeless process in my eyes.
The wasted pissing of my life.
From a street called "Many Mind".
Bite me. Blow me. I'm your priest.
Spreading hate of Anything.

Lets Escape

The only ones who eat The Fear will be spared
Only the ones who eat The Fear will learn their lesson
The only ones who eat their fear will be spared
Only the ones who eat their fear will learn
Talk is a poison - Listen with hate
Closing your mind and drifting away
So you think you're right?

I know everything and I don't want to hear it!
Stoned! I am too rife
With the stench and squalor of that god-forsaken street
The sunrise is a lie
Lost inside my basement room
I know you know that I'm right! Right
Nowhere. I got Nowhere for Nothing
Don't Care. An What if I did?
Downright. Get Disgusted and Sick of Me
Ruined. You had Trusted and Nourished me
Insults of Defeat. Causes Extremity
An Insatiable need. Forget who's wrong.

Get Up And Kill

Someones Clowning, Drawing crowds, Embracing them with themes
We got The Champ, here comes the DJ and Wesley makes the scene

Involved in Ritual Sodomy - Involved in Gang Rape Porn
He brings the entertainment that You Clowns enjoy
Underneath, my cock runs deep, I'm obsessing - Fucking White Girls
Depravity, a normal day, I have to say - Porno Masters
It must be what they want - Humiliation they deserve
This is ignorance of pride - Lets slit their throats before they're heard

It's all been said - Content to Shake The Spot
The Junkie is back - And he thinks a lot
You can put this to bed - But you can't get caught
You will follow blindly - Content to Shake The Spot
The Truth Behind his Legacy - No Glory to his Sheep
Some might see Atrocities and some might just be Purely Entertained

The Circle now Complete - They all want to be Just Like Wesley
Can't you hear The Melody? - It's Just meant to Confuse you
Your focus is on Debauchery - And the sound of your Voice
The New World you're Discovering - In Interracial Porn

[originally by Sepultura]

Traveling Through The Time
Moving Slowly In The Sand
Knowledge Is The Weapon
Against The Hunger In The Land

Solitude Met Herself
Lessons From The Primal Step
Memories From An Ending Life
Liars Can't Stop The Tribes

Nomad, Nomad, Nomad, Nomad

Brother Is The Son Of Rape
The Blood That Once United
Wanna Choose The Way They Die
Look Inside Their Minds

(echoes In The)
Actual Tribe No Longer Sounds
The Ancient Teachings Fails
Movement Of My Culture
My Beliefs Have No More Tales

Why Are You To Criticize
To Judge And Burn The Tribes
The World Will Be Extinct
And Your Flesh Will Rot With Mine

Nomad, Nomad, Nomad, Nomad