ABACABB LYRICS - "Demo 2004" (2004) demo

You're killing yourself slowly, but I can do it much faster.
A separation of words like the separation of each of your spinal segments.
I am trying as hard as I can to break through these walls.
I am panning gold through this rib cage.
I will not be shot down.
Multiple stab wounds in the shape of your favorite constellation.
There won't be a scar until this bleeds first:
I have come to the realization that death is a serious matter
So quit joking around before I tie a knot in your jugular vein with my teeth.
I will stay alive long enough to rip my organs from my body and throw them at your feet

I have not felt this much energy since I left the surface the sun.
This is a torrent of bile and stomach acid.
This is a rain of blood.
This is a sinking ship with a calcium bow, under a masochistic captain

Do you want to see a light burn out, hand me a knife.
Set me on a table, grab each side and rip apart.
I feel much more alive when the pulse inside me is mechanical.
Emotion is a byproduct of weakness.
Pain is an art, one hundred shades of red spread across the floor.
Your eyes could put air back into these lungs, but my dreams have never come true.
Tomorrow there is no waking up.
That face is to die for.
I feel so much more alive when you are not

I want to shed my skin, to rip out of this paper thin jail cell.
Blood loss is only the riddance of filth.
Some call me manic, those who have not seen the vast expanse of architecture inside me.
I am cancerous.
I am one big nerve center.
Look up for once, embrace me.
I am one big nerve center.
My heart will always beat no matter how far you try to take it away from me.
I love the sound of ripping sinew

Two more words spit at the back of my neck, three, four, that blade looks so appetizing.
Please know there is more to life than fear and avoidance.
Cut out your tongue so you can taste your own blood for once.
I hope you're the one that finds me first: gutted and decomposing, split open and hung.
You don't know what you're missing.
Trying to make me feel worthless just makes me feel more and more omnipotent.
You will bleed rivers when the bullets get to (you).
You said that you loved me, like honesty meant nothing.
Like honesty meant nothing.
You've suffocated me, or at least attempted to.
I can trail on for hours.
I promise you this is the last time you'll have to hear my voice.
You said you loved me like honesty meant nothing now