AASGARD LYRICS - "Ravens Hymns Foreshadows The End" (2010) album

Sodomized the slave of the god
I hate
Now i will kill you when you pray
I was born
By fire
To rape your fucking god is my desire
Fuck your god
Jehovah has my penis in his ass
You are only bastard shits of rats and worms
I give
I have the nails for your crucifix
Fucking jew
The demons put their sperm on you
Fucking bastard

When the Christians
When the fucking Christians
Coming filth my land
We are fighting
In the dusk we hunting
We are rising under pagan moon our swords
I see blood
I see war
With the Pan we cut their throat
I see fear
I see flesh
When Apollon hold their heads
They are afraid
They are cold
When the Aris marching on
In the woods
In the fields
We protect our pagan land
Zeus destroy them with a storm
Hephaestus is make our sword
This is our great pagan land
We denied the Jewish lamp
We will fight for mother land
We denied the Jewish lamp
Standing up through ashes
We are walking
This is time for our attack
We will fight Jehovah’s prayers
King Zeus
Steel and fire dust and raining falling
Rising swords in Paganland
Under sky we wear our glory armor
King Zeus

Γαία ηρώων, νεκρούς καλώ
Τιμούμε εσάς τέκνα θεών
Ιλύσια πεδία, εσάς αναμένουν
Τράγος άδει εις μνήμη νεκρών
Λίκνο, του χάους φώς
Δοξάζουν το αίμα αυτών
Λεόντων η όψη μοιάζει
Τύμβοι, δοξάζουν τη γη
Χαίρε Άδη
Υμνούμε νεκρούς
Φωνές κραυγάζουν
Πολέμου σκοπός
Σκότος πέφτει
Στα μάτια αυτών
Τράγος άδει εις μνήμη νεκρών

This is the kingdom of the dead
You can smell it in the air
There are only corpses without soul
The sky is cloudy and it’s dark
Demons are flying through my eyes
I see their master in his throne
He is the prophet of the sin
He is controller of the wind
He is a demon from the east
The apocalypse is called beast
Azrael is his name
He has the keys of all the gates
His pleasure is the blood of sands
He is the great fallen one
Now the legion marching on
The banners have the goat up one
The gate of heaven has collapse
All of the demons praying to him
The rise of goat has begin
The dust of war is clearly now
The blood of angels descends the land
Lucifer is his name

Bleakness, dark
When a crow has calling death
Solitude, black hymn
Murky, sky
Ravens hymns foreshadows end
Forest, cold
And the sun has died
Loathsome, black hymn
Lit, torch
Flaming under frozen stars
Sun fall
Ravens hymns foreshadows end
Loathsome, black hymn
Black sun
The fall of the light
Hail darkness
Pure frozen wind
Bleakness rising

Angel of mayhem has open his eyes
Unholy satanic wind ablaze the sky
Fucking humanity praying to god
Ancestor of serpent from dusk his arise
Darken the hope
Incense the massacre
Holy pain
Lance babies on altar
A whisper of Satan sounds in air
Lecher and murky the son of the men
Candles and bones over the grave
Black clothes Satan’s whores and blood on the blade
Drinking the blood of goat and pray to the beast
Ancient demons fly with burning wings
The nightmare of past is now awake
Fucking humanity its time for hell
Elevation of satanic lore

Through the shadows
Beyond the light
I rise my sword
Ravens guides
The hunting has start
Fucking Jerusalem
I cursed Jehovah
Plague to his race
Slowly death and pain
Raped corpse
I denied you
Burn Talmud
Burn the bible
Sabbath I fuck your god
I denied you
You make the world in seven days
I will destroy it in one
Shit in your grave
Fire in your followers dead corpses
Sperm and shit in your bible
Son of a pig
I denied you Jesus
I will destroy you