AASGARD LYRICS - "Morbid Celestial Desecration" (2012) album

Ancient spirits come forth
We call you for a purpose
To came with us to battle
To fight side by side

Together we marching to battlefields
With blood fire and death
To destroy the enemies

Destroy any religion with your spears
Drink their blood
With honor
The victory is near

To ancient Gods we obey
With all our heart
With shield sword and axe
The Victory is near

Death comes to you
To your bastard race
No one can't stop him

Hands rising to air
Procession of the lord death
Ravens flying
Saluting the king death

Black banners he has
Flesh on his clothes
A crown made it from bones

Screams begging for mercy. Procession of lord death
Blood fire ashes falling from the sky

From the depths of hell his rising
Morbid macabre procession of the lord death

Name him Satan
Name him Hades
Is the name of our father

My home is in the woods
My brothers are the stars
The rivers are my blood
The art of paganism

Pagan fire lit to night

Smash the jevovah's priest
My father is the wind
Killing the muslim pigs
My mother is the earth

War against enemies
The battle is near

Burn the sky
Pagan Gods
Advent of the ancient race

The art of paganism
Blood wind fire
The art of paganism
Earth stars seas

I bring the holocaust
I am much more than death
In the name of…

I love your smell of fear
I am your desecration
I spit the holy grave
In the name of…

I taste your rotten body
I take your fucking breath
My name is forbidden
I'm coming from the grave

Curse to all the human race
Cursed the time of his birth
Kindle any hinnden spark
In the name of…

I am your darkest fear
I bring to you the chaos
I send a rain of chaos
In the name of…

Fuck the human rats
Rape the bastard son
I come from dark and see

Buried frozen flesh
My soul flying to the stars

Father give me your hand
Embrace your child

Alone in life
Alone in death

Frozen wind above the tomb

Darkness fall to my eyes
My hope is lost
Where is my soul

Behold my fathers face
Taking my to home
I saw my mother's throne
I saw my kingdom

Back to stars
Back to home
Death is life
Life is death

Praise the darkness
The blood
Of the jew
Son of whore

Marrok — Drums
Aethyr — Vocals, Guitars