AARNI LYRICS - "Tohcoth" (2008) album

To you, Great Unnameable
The sign of the Black Stars
and the Sigil of toad-shaped Tsathoggua

The summit of knowledge is to know nothing
and the reward of sin is life

Thus we travel to the stars

From the Crown, out of Wisdom
Thou, oh Understanding, art Mercy
Queen of Severity, now the perfect Beauty.

The One becomes Two by the law of polarity
revealed within the Three essentials
that will be found within the Four elements
wherein is to be found the Quintessence
which is not of the Four, but One of the Three.

In the Victory of all Splendour
for the Foundation of the Ages of the Universe.


Arouse coiled splendour, five becoming six
Daughter meets Son, crowned King and Queen.

As Air warms the Earth and Water burns with Fire
we come together, ascend the Ladder of Lights.
You the perfect match for your Self on high
Will, Dare and Know, always keeping Silent.

Arouse coiled splendour, five becoming six
Daughter meets Son, crowned King and Queen.

Knowledge and Conversation, Holy Guardian Angel's
uncovers buried treasure, rise up the path of an arrow.
in the suns we remember, in the planets we forget.
The redintegration by spirit met.

Arouse coiled splendour, five becoming six
Daughter meets Son, crowned King and Queen.

Terra and Solis, Saturnus ad astra.
Shield and Sword, Cup and Wand.

A kiss to remember, dripping with vitroil
Rectifies the Hidden Stone; Blood of the Saints.
Babalon rides the Beast; Poison of the Eld.
This is also a secret: there is no HGA.

Arouse coiled splendour, five becoming six
Daughter meets Son, crowned King and Queen.

Bury me in a nameless grave!
I came from God the world to save.

I brought them wisdom from above:
Worship, and liberty, and love.

They slew me for I did disparage
Therefor Religion, Law and Marriage.

So be my grave without a name
That earth may swallow up my shame!

Arise, slimy things made of dust; bring forth your knowledge to the Earth!
Voices of wonder, vomit out scorpions' heads.

Move and appear, descend; apply yourselves to us!
Come, appear to the terror of the Earth and to our wrath.
Arise, say I, and appear!

The rotten, arise!
Include us as receivers of the everlasting flowers of unspeakable pleasure.

The works of Man and his pomp, let them be defaced!
The horns of death, arise!
Whose wings are living lamps and seething diamonds.

The fay host
Doing what Christ did in Hell
The fay host

Come forth, Tahaoeloj, and bring down the Eastern Watchtower with wind
Come forth, Ohoooahaatan, and burn the Southern Watchtower with flame
Come forth, Thahebyobeeatan, and sink the Western Watchtower with water
Come forth, Thahaaotahe, and destroy the Northern Watchtower with earthquake

The fay host
The fay host


The religious of the world, dangerous insane turds.
Crying "Sieg Heil, Holy Poltergeist"!

Man made "god" in the likeness of his sickness.
It should be the main aim of the wise to rid humankind
of the insolence of self-sacrifice, of the calamity of chastity.
Faith must be slain by certainty and chastity by ecstasy!

Stipendium peccati vita est

We should believe… a Jew girl was fucked by a dove who was really God in disguise
that gaseous vertebrate of cosmic heft, an alpha male dwarfing King Kong.

A small primitive population believed this in a desert far away, long ago.
Yet somehow their superstition should be right for us, right here, right now…
Moses wept, Muhammad wept, Jesus fucking wept!

Stipendium peccati vita est

And that half-bird, half-Jew schmuck somehow still spies on us,
but luckily all religions die at last of swallowing their own lies…

Stipendium peccati vita est

Now I believe… the universe is an intelligence test - and you have failed!

You circumcised fucks, don't lay your trip on us
Grow up, you makes us throw up!

Mine brain has meditated on the spinning of The Chao:
It is hovering o'er the table where the Chiefs of Staff are now
Gathered in discussion of the dropping of The Bomb;
Her Apple Corps is strong!

Grand and gory Old Discordja!
Her Apple Corps is strong!

Ewige Blumenkraft und Fliegende Kinderscheisse!

She was not invited to the party that they held on Limbo Peak;
So She threw a Golden Apple, 'stead of turned the other cheek!
O it cracked the Holy Punchbowl and it made the nectar leak;
Her Apple Corps is strong!

Grand and gory Old Discordja!
Her Apple Corps is strong!

See life pass you by and your potential die,
if you obey the Systemite fucks like sleeping sitting ducks.

The global village has it's village idiots;
Terrorism is just the aping of one's rulers.
Unity is strength, strength to oppress us.
And just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't paranoid too.

Everything causes everything and everything is part of the problem.
There's no right or wrong about any matter whatsoever.
Look out! The three evil brothers: State, Society and Church!

Turn to yourselves, not to your gods and idols. Awake!

Everything in Nature is real, including consciousness.
There's absolutely nothing to worry about.
Whatever you believe imprisons you.
When we begin to awaken the world is nothing like
the myths and superstitions "our" society has imposed on us.

Magic is a method of freeing the nervous system from
conditioned perception, for fun and profit.

Nature has no laws, only habits, and all law is unnatural.
Plunge into the unknown and the endless and find your place there!

What was your face before your parents were born?
Do you remember? Try to remember. It's only a game.
Try to remember.
Who is the master who makes the grass green?
Try to remember.

Humans, humans, what do you know of me?
Of the Titan's pain, of the eternal thirst of the giant
of the smart of the waves, of the panting of sea's billowing hero?

I disturb the waters, I paddle the ocean
thirst eternal burns in my breast
I drink forever, forever for my thirst
never ceases my heart's fire

I open my jaws, I swallow waves
they dry as they enter my throat
I pursue maidens, flowers of the waves
they die entering my breast

I rouse up a storm, I drink land and sea
and the planks of a wrecked ship
golds, pearls, also human blood
and the bosoms of young maidens
the eternal suction of my soul never stops
never wets my crimson tongue.

On strange moonlit August nights
I rise my weary head
I fix my glowing green eyes
onto a glimmering star
Spies the star
I, giant, stare
soon I will overcome that one on high
Falls the golden sphere of the welkin
then I drink it like I would a swan

The fire of my dark heart will not die
the furnace in my head will not cool.

There's a void above
and a void below
and infinity even within.
I beseech for freedom, I yearn for the light
and I burn for the beauty of the welkin
but I cannot be freed of dire distress
I can rise my head, yet the rest remains entombed in dirt.

If you feel the pain, god-cursed someone
join me in cursing the gods!