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Lata Mangeshkar ( Eng. Lata Mangeshkar, Marathi Lata Mangeshkar ; September 28, 1929, Indore - February 6, 2022, Mumbai ) - Indian singer, film composer, film producer and actress, one of the most famous and respected voice-over performers in India. Lata is the second Indian singer to receive the Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian award in India. Lata has three younger sisters (also singers and voice-over vocalists) - Asha Bhosle, Usha Mangeshkar, Meena Mangeshkar - and brother Hridainath Mangeshkar.

Lata was born in the family of theatrical figure Master Dinanantha and his wife Shevanti in the city of Indore. Her paternal grandfather Ganesh Bhatt was a Hindu priest in Goa. At birth, she was given the name "Hema", but then her parents renamed her "Latu", in honor of Latika, the heroine of the play "BhaawBandhan". Lata is the eldest child in the family, her sisters Mina, Asha, Usha and brother Hridinath later also became musicians. She received her first singing lessons from her father and at the age of five she began working as an actress in his productions.

Lata's career began in 1942 and continued for more than seven decades.

In 1945 she moved to Bombay lessons, where she began taking classical Indian music with Ustad Aman Ali Khan. Her songs from this year to 1947 are little known to the public.

Initially, Lata said that she wanted to imitate the singing of the then-famous singer Nur Jehan, but later she created her own style of singing. The first recognizable hit in her career was "Aayega Aanewaala" from the film Mahal, sung for the character of actress Madhubala, for whom this film was the debut.

Subsequently, Lata has recorded songs for over a thousand Bollywood films in over thirty-six of India's regional languages and foreign languages, but most of all in Hindi. Many heroines of Indian cinema sing in her voice, including young women (for example, Margina from the Soviet-Indian " The Adventures of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves " performed by South Malini ) and even little girls (for example, the characters of nine-year-old Sonia Singh in the film Do Kaliyan ).

Mangeshkar got into the " Guinness Book of Records " (from 1974-1991) for the "Most entries". According to an entry in the 1974 KRG, in 1948-1974 she made at least 25,000 recordings of solos, duets and backing vocals of songs in twenty Indian languages (according to the 1987 edition, already 30,000 recordings). This drew criticism from a number of sources who felt that the number of songs was much exaggerated, including her colleague Mohammed Rafi, who wrote to the Book of Records administration in 1977: " In that case, I made 28,000 records".

Later, the singer's fans counted the number of her records for specific titles, getting the total current number to 6.5 thousand, while their number by the date of Rafi's death (about 5 thousand) is really slightly less than his., currently holds the Guinness World Record for the most vocal recordings Lata's younger sister, Asha Bhosle, with approximately 11,000 songs at the time the record was recorded.

Lata never married and had no children.

In addition to her vocal career, Lata Mangeshkar acted in films as an actress, wrote music for films, and produced films. Here is just a partial list of her work:

1942 - Pahili Mangalagaur (in Marathi )
1943 - Chimukla Sansaar (Marathi)
1943 — Maajhe Baal (Marathi)
1944 - Gajabhau (Marathi)
1945 — Badi Maa ( Hindi )
1946 — Jeevan Yaatra
1948 — Mandir
1952 - Chattrapati Shivaji (Hindi-Marathi) (guest on one song)
2000 - Pukar (guest on the song "Ek Tu Hi Bharosa" )

1955 — Ram Ram Pavhane
1963 - Maratha Tituka Melvava (Marathi) (under the pseudonym "Anand Ghan")
1963 - Mohityanchi Manjula (Marathi) (under the pseudonym "Anand Ghan")
1965 - Sadhi Manase (Marathi) (under the pseudonym "Anand Ghan") (best music director award from the government of Maharashtra, best song award for the song "Airanichya deva tula")
1969 - Tambadi Mati (Marathi) (under the pseudonym "Anand Ghan")

1953 - Vaadal (Marathas)
1953 - Jhaanjhar (Hindi) (co-produced with C. Ramchandra)
1955 - Kanchan (Hindi)
1990 - Lekin (Hindi)

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